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Market Impact is a trusted partner of B2B technology companies to elevate their brands for strategic growth. Whether you’re a technology startup, pursuing your next round of funding, or preparing for merger or acquisition, Market Impact delivers tangible business results. Tired of marketing agency fluff or PR metrics detached from business results?  We are too.  How are we different?  


By taking our nearly 50 years of combined client-side marketing experience to roll up our sleeves and work as part of your internal team on critical marketing and PR priorities.  Understanding your goals from a client perspective and mapping them directly to measurable external tactics is why we get real results — helping you deliver the right messages to the right audiences at the right time.




Nikolett is a strategic, collaborative team leader with 15 years of expertise conceptualizing and implementing world-class global programs for companies such as Odin, Honeywell, Intermec and Waggener Edstrom. Nikolett thrives managing multiple, complex projects and leading high-performing teams. Nikolett has a proven track record leveraging PR and communications to increase brand visibility and sales. With a career of successful partnerships, Nikolett has built an extensive network of journalists, analysts, and executives who trust her to deliver excellence.

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With nearly 30 years of B2B marketing experience at leading companies including Verizon Wireless, Cisco, Honeywell and Amer Sports, Dan excels in helping companies develop the right strategies, programs, metrics and processes for Go-To-Market excellence.  From integrated demand generation campaigns to new product launch planning to scalable channel marketing to generating quality market insights for fully leveraging brand power, Dan brings his highly collaborative approach in helping client companies meet their business objectives. 

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Named by Forrester as a Top 13 global Channel Public Relations (PR) firm, we get that PR is about building and sustaining relationships between people, companies, governments, the media, and analysts.  How do you manage those relationships?  With professionalism, honesty, integrity, and credibility.  PR is not just about protecting and promoting a client, although those are essential requirements. The best PR is about establishing and sustaining a level of credibility that will get you the right coverage when you need it. Market Impact makes that possible for your company.


Analysts can have an immense effect on both the short- and long-term performance of a company.  What analysts say about a firm and its leaders might tip the scales in moving to a public offering, announcing new products and services, or exploring mergers and partnerships.  Nurturing an ongoing, meaningful and credible engagement with analysts is absolutely essential.  Market Impact has grown its relationships with analysts through years of collaboration to establish that needed foundation of trust.


At the core of good storytelling is a compelling, differentiated reason to be reading, viewing, listening, or engaging with your brand. The first step is building a brand platform that communicates what it is about you, your products, your people, or technology that separates your story and brand experience from the rest. We help focus your efforts on effectively telling your story in a way that resonates with target audiences.   


Getting products and services delivered to market on time and in budget ranks among the most-important and time-sensitive activities that a company can do. Success invariably hinges on planning and executing an effective cadence of launches.  While the specific timing of any launch is dictated by both internal and external influences, the way you roll launches out can have a profound effect of how launches are received.  Let us help make sure your launch initiatives are optimized for your communications needs.



Influencer communications boils down to trust. Our media counterparts rely on professional communicators inside firms and agencies to help build their network of access to information. Becoming that trusted advisor to media members can spell the difference between getting a key mention in a featured article versus being ignored when your competitors capture the spotlight. We have the know how to help you succeed in media communications. 


Global communications require a keen understanding of the local cultural, organizational, political, economic, and business conventions that influence the global communications process.  What works in the U.S. may not work best in other global markets.  With extensive expertise in global communications for rapid-growth, high-tech companies, Market Impact is positioned to help you build awareness and drive global AR/PR initiatives.


Are you optimizing your partner channel to expand your marketing reach and accelerate profitable growth?  Let us apply our development experience in successful channel marketing strategies, programs and tactics to take your partner performance to another level.  


High performing companies understand the importance of audience targeting and campaign delivery across a wide range of digital channels to maximize prospect response and conversion.   Team with Market Impact in developing clear customer understanding, market position, branding and campaigns that drive measurable, successful results. 





"Market Impact has fueled new energy and momentum in our company. Their fresh perspectives, ideation and teamwork has helped us tackle meaningful new marketing opportunities in a very short time span. The value add is clear, measurable and rewarding."

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Jen Kushell

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